Is Krav Maga effective

For self-protection Krav Maga is effective!

So we were asked the question is Krav Maga Effective let’s find out why it is. The original concept of Krav Maga is to take the most simple and practical elements from other proven fighting systems which include boxing, wrestling, Judo, and Jujitsu to name a few, and to make them rapidly teachable. Krav Maga is utilized by military special forces and police units from across the world and for good reason.

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Krav Maga means Contact Combat in Hebrew. It is a principle led combat system that was developed by Imi Lichtenfeld. Imi utilised his street fighting experience to formulate the system in the 1930s from there it was developed into a program and formally classified as the hand to hand combat system for the Israel Defence Force (IDF)

Krav Maga

Is a simple easy to learn combat system geared towards self-protection. It was developed based on instinctive natural reactional movements utilizing our natural flinch responses, Krav Maga is a principle led system with the focus that it needs to work from a position of disadvantage, be accessible to the everyone and be able to work against a number of different attacks and situations, the Krav Maga practitioner will simultaneously defend and attack at the same time in order to equalize the threat if ambushed.

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The effectiveness of Krav Maga comes through principles with an emphasis on aggression moving forward in order to survive at all costs, the success of the system largely comes through the fact that we use gross motor movements that work under adrenal fight stress, What we know is that fine motor control and technical application of traditional techniques are more likely to fail under pressure. Krav Maga works on simultaneously defending and attacking at the same time or recognizing pre threat cues utilizing situational awareness and being pre-emptive by striking first. The first rule of Krav Maga is to escape and avoid physical confrontation at all costs or to de-escalate if at all possible, failing this we move to the application of our contact combat system.

Excellent all round workout combining cardio and callisthenics with efficient and effective self defence training. Wayne is an awesome instructor, patient and knowledgeable with good delivery and a good laugh.

I would certainly recommend Krav Reading to anybody with goals that include gaining more confidence / awareness, getting fit and of course learning how to effectively defend yourself in a variety of real-world situations

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Krav Maga

Is predominantly taught as a self-protection system with the martial art element being secondary! The elements that make up the self-defence section are simple reactional and gross motor, we also teach technical elements such as knife, gun, and bat disarms but ensure that our students are aware that these elements are academic and belong in the classroom.

Fitness is a big part of our system utilizing the fastest methods of training for the best functional return as tested by the military the world over, we utilize calisthenics anaerobic, and aerobic training to ensure our students have effective stamina and strength. For the academic section of our system, we have a full grading system for those who wish to study the system long term and become experts. But if you are looking for a self-defence system short term you will see rapid growth physically and mentally within as little as 16 weeks.