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Krav Maga Reading

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Beginners Course September 2019

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What is Krav Maga

Krav Maga is the official hand to hand training system of the Israeli military. Krav Maga has been taught to over 500 military and law enforcement agencies across the world because of it’s reputation as a realistic and effective self defence system that is fast to learn, simple to train and effective to apply.  Here at Krav Maga Reading you’ll be exposed to cutting edge self defence training – the very same training that’s provided to at risk personnel across the world.

From your very first class you will be exposed realistic scenarios, intense training and a range of simple, effective techniques that really work – even in the worst situations. What’s more, you’ll be learning under a full time, professional Instructor Krav Maga Wayne Bailey. The Royal Marines are famous for some of the toughest and most professional training in the world – and you’ll be able to access that same expertise right here in Cambridge.

Krav Maga Reading will is launching a series of trial classes from September 24th 2019 for you to try the Krav Maga experience. If you’d like to come train with a positive group of likeminded people and learn real world self defence skills under the watchful eye of a professional Instructor – this could be for you…

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Get Fitter, Safer & Stronger at Krav Maga Reading, a nationally accredited Krav Maga school.

Looking to get fitter, stronger or more confident on the streets?

Try Krav Maga class with Krav Maga Reading and find out what you are truly capable of. Krav Maga Reading will push you to your limits. We’ll challenge you physically & mentally all the while teaching you proven self defence skills under the watchful eye of Wayne Bailey, a fulltime, professional Krav Maga instructor.

Krav Maga Reading Instructor Wayne Bailey is a professionally trained Krav Maga Instructor fully certified by British Krav Maga® one of Europes leading Krav Maga Organisations via the 18 day British Krav Maga selection course.

Krav Maga Reading

Krav Maga Reading provides regular classes and coaching in authentic Israeli Krav Maga, the official hand-to-hand combat system of the Israeli Military. Krav Maga is Internationally recognised as the most credible and relevent self defence system of today.

British Krav Maga® Instructors deliver a research based programme of practical and realistic training designed to deliver real results – fast. 92% of  British Krav Maga students can be fitness tested and then successfully pressure tested against the most common street attacks in a realistic environment in just 4 months. For some, that’s just 16 classes.

Get the best possible start at Krav Maga Reading

If you are serious about training, Krav Maga Reading offers you the best possible start in the Reading area. We deliver a cutting edge programme,  professional coaching and multiple classes at the only British Krav Maga certified school in Reading.

British Krav Maga as featured in The Sunday Times, Martial Arts Illustrated, Mens Health, The Telegraph, and The Mail on Sunday

Fitter, Safer and Stronger with British Krav Maga®

Try the Krav Maga Experience with US.

Improve your health

The Sunday Times

“The most realistic self defence system in the UK today”

Combat Magazine

“It (Krav Maga) has more self defence cred than any other system we know about – and we know quite a bit about the subject!”

GQ Magazine

Best in the World for self defence. It is totally practical, no flashy kicks or great spiritual angle.

Do something extraordinary – try Krav Maga Today

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