Mayweather Vs Mcgregor fight prediction

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The media circus has kicked off in the prefight hype of Mcgregor vs Mayweather.

It’s been interesting watching the hype, the vast majority of both pro-MMA fighters and boxers come down firmly on the side of Mayweather winnng.

I am inclined to agree, but as always the devil is in the detail, and Mayweather has that covered.

Mcgreggors supporters point to his superior punching power and southpaw stance, but this will hardly be the first time Mayweather has faced these attributes in his 30+ years of boxing. In fact when you look at Mayweather’s sheer speed and polished skill, you have to admire the mans mastery of his art.

Given the Mayweather’s expertise in generating hype around the fight, I don’t believe for one minute he feels slow, rusty and that he is not the same fighter as just 2 years ago. More likely he’s building expectation for the fight in the hope of attracting more pay per views from those wanting to see him knocked out.

One of the main challenges Mcgreggor faces is the level of specialist expertise required to box at this level. Slight changes in distance and angle from a sport with no kicks or takedowns become highly significant at this level. Little things like Mayweather’s exact prescription of gloves and filling even manufacture is all designed to give Mayweather further advantage. May weather is a master of not getting hit and defensive use of his gloves.

‘Boxing as an organisation will never want Mcgregor to win. Defeat of an all time great by an MMA fighter will make boxing look increasingly irrevelent in a modern world’

In short, Mcgreggor is fighting Mayweather’s sport, by Mayweathers rules with Mayweather’s tools. And Mayweather is the best of the world at it… Mcgreggor says it best, “its not a fight, it’s a match with no elbows, knees or takedowns”.

Possibly a bigger problem will be the judges and boxing as a whole.

Boxing as an organisation will never want Mcgregor to win, given the choice. Think about it, one of the best Boxers of all time defeated by an MMA fighter, it’ll be seen as a nail in the coffin of boxing.

Any and every decision will go against Mcgregor, points will go against Mcgregor. Realistically Conor Mcgregor will need to knock Mayweather out to get a decisive victory. Realistically that means a decisive knock out in the first 3 or 4 rounds after which Mayweathers finess and expertise will provee unbeatable.

As a sport, boxing is consistently loosing fans and money to MMA. Yes, there are still the big fights but on the whole, the sport is diminishing. This is compounded by Boxings poor performance in the octagon and increasingly Boxing risks being seen as irrelevent or more simply as part of MMA by a new generation of fight fans.

‘Personally I’d love Mcgreggor to win. I love Mcgreggor, I love MMA  and I love an underdog. But, I’ll go for Mayweather winning’

Our Prediction
Personally I’d love Mcgreggor to win. I love Mcgreggor, I love MMA  and I love an underdog. Mcgreggor is everybit as good as Mayweather in his own arena. Unpredictable, agile and exciting to watch he is a real MMA phenomena. But, I’ll go for Mayweather winning on points. Given both fighters will have opposing stances, eg southpaw vs orthodox stance, Mayweather will rely on constant rights and lead hooks combined with counter punching – Mayweather is a smart fighter so if he can keep Mcgregor striking and out of his usual counter punching

Given both fighters will have opposing stances, eg southpaw vs orthodox stance, Mayweather will rely on constant rights and lead hooks combined with counter punching – Mayweather is a smart fighter so if he can keep Mcgregor striking and out of his usual counter punching rythm Mcgregor will be unsettled from the outset.

Mayweather’s defensive game is sublime so he’ll probably slip and move dancing around the ring relying on points and the judges to win the fight. Mayweather has not knocked (TKO) anyone out since 1999 so I’d guess the chances of a knock out on Mcgregor are slim.

The interesting thing is though, Mcgreggor was brave enough to step into Mayweathers ring, noone is under any doubt of what the consequences would be if Mayweather tried to step into Mcgreggors. Win lose or draw, Mcgreggor will be the winner – financially at least.

As the fight is advertised at $100 on pay per view, I’ll wait for the highlights like everyone else.

Paul Grey. Krav Maga Bristol

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The Bravado of Self Defence

Krav Maga North Bristol Instructor Will Bayley discusses the harsh realities of violence in the context of home defence and why you should make sure you keep your training real.

I was in a bar recently waiting for a mate when I heard an all too common conversation about home self defence – what to do when someone breaks into your house in the middle of the night. You can imagine the people having this conversation. A small group of blokes, beered up. Normal, average blokes. Workers not long out of work, ties off, collars undone, sleeves rolled up for the serious business of Friday night drinking and setting the world to rights.

The common conversation and the inevitable bravado.

God help anyone comes in my house. I keep a bat by the door. I have a Maglite by my bed. I’d do em with that. I don’t care what the law says, if someone breaks into my house I’m going to drop them.

I appreciate the sentiment. Even agree with it. But I want to throw out a tiny bite of reality for you because your life may depend upon thinking about this in another way

There’s a place called violence. It’s a lonely and terrible country, torn apart by war. The people you find there are monsters, predators, everything that you, in your seat of civilisation, would call evil. How many times have you been to that place? Honestly? I don’t mean the scuffles you had at school or that time your mate got loud at that party and you shoved each other. I mean how many times have you been attacked by a wild animal and had to fight, literally, for your life?

Most haven’t.

If it’s happened to you, you won’t be full of bravado. The people who know what I’m talking about are typically silent on the matter. Humble.

And those who have been there, how many times have you been there? Once? Twice? How long each time? Most assaults are decided in seconds. So your experience, throughout your lifetime, of that place is approximately ten seconds. Does that make you an expert, a travel guide to that country’s horrors?


And I want you to imagine for me something.


Imagine this person…

He’s early twenties but he looks a decade older because of the brown he’s been putting in his arms for the last seven years. He’s lean and underfed, malnourished, his body fucked up on years of opiate abuse, on the cycle of constipation and laxitives, on junk food and chain smoking, his teeth falling out and his nose half fucked from his forays into stimulants – amphetamines adderall and cocaine. At the moment he comes through your door he’s been off the smack for a day and a half. He’s in a fever of pain, fear, nausea, cramping and worse. He knows that his hunger will deepen by the hour, until it incapacitates him, until he can’t do what he’s doing now to solve his problem. He needs his solution more than you have ever needed anything. He knows desperation like you never have and never will. He will take something from your house and sell it for a fraction of its value to fund a solution that will last him a few hours at best. And he will literally kill to do it.

Let me state that in a more complete way: There is nothing he won’t do to get what he wants. Literally nothing. If you don’t stand in his way, that means take and run. If you stand in his way, it means stabbing you or punching you to the floor and taking and running. If you go at him with a weapon – and you’d be the thousandth person to try – he’d take it off you and beat you to death to make sure you didn’t present a threat to him, before taking and running.

Your morality, he doesn’t have that. It’s gone, along with any notions of self respect, guilt, conscience. It’s been drummed out of him by years of addiction.

But don’t think that the addiction makes him weak. Once he was a strong kid, stronger than you can ever know, driven to the solace of the drug by a life of terrible violence and abuse.

When you were taking your first steps, he was sitting in a house full of addicts, starving, undernourished. When you were going to nursery he was stealing food and getting beaten when he was caught, learning how to take a beating with the minimum of damage, desensitising to the pain and the fear. When your parents came home from work and cooked you tea, his sent him out to run money and drugs, or came home loaded and beat him until his eyes swelled shut and his gums bled. When you were doing your entrance exam for secondary, he was out in the parks fighting other kids over selling territory, knowing that if he lost he’d lose everything, that he’d take it badly at home, that he might not get to eat. While you were mastering maths and english, he was mastering violence, learning through the weekly, if not daily fights, threats and skirmishes how to most effectively beat another human to the ground. While you were learning the ropes in your first job he was learning how to use surprise to paralyse a victim so that he could take what he needed with the least risk to him. By the time you were competent in your career, he was a master of his, the veteran of a thousand or more fist fights, stabbings, muggings, breakins and arrests.

He’s experienced front-line violence almost every day of his life. Immediate. Total. Around him all the time.

Home Self DefenceHe’s lost count of the amount of times he’s struck someone, knocked them down, stabbed them when he was too weak to fight any other way. And he’s lost count of the amount of times someone did that to him. The violence, it holds no real fear for him, like it does for you. And in that lack of fear, in that desensitisation, there is a certainty, not that he will win, because truly he doesn’t care about win or lose in the way that you do, but that he will fight, and do everything that is necessary to get the job done and come home with his solution. While you’re finding your feet he’s already beaten you. You’re the hundredth person that swung a Maglite at him. The hundredth person to leave a cricket bat by the door for him to arm himself with when he comes in.

And when he comes he will come without hesitation. From the moment you are aware of him he’s already had hours to come to terms with what’s about to happen. He’s got momentum, practice, initiative.

Think about this.


That land we were talking about, the country of violence, at best you are a visitor to that land. He lives there.

Real world violence isn’t a place where bravado is well rewarded. Hard training is the answer, based on solid research.

And here is some research:

Survey after survey, when we study violent crime, there are only two significant predictors of success in the survival of real world violence.

  1. By far the most significant. Exposure to previous instances of real world violence.
  2. Self Defence training that involves close approximation of real world violence through stress inoculation, contact drills and adrenalisation training.

Whatever else you do, come to the fight prepared, without the bravado, and see it for what it is. Come to the fight not with bravado but with realism and humility. See that to run is not shameful. To die defending property is hubris, and ludicrous. You fight when there is no other choice, when you’re on the stairs and you meet that man and it’s clear there’s no other way. And if you have to fight, make sure it isn’t a fight. Find a way to surprise. Hit first. Hit hard, with so much aggression you overwhelm the opponent. And train for that moment with the real world firmly at the front of your mind. The research. The numbers. The facts. The statistics.

You bend your training to fit reality. Then you don’t die doing it the other way round.

Train hard, fight easy. Your life depends on it.

Will Bayley – Krav Maga Swindon, Krav Maga Bristol Central, Krav Maga North Bristol, Bristol University Krav Soc.

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