Krav Maga-Knife defence principles

Knife crime is on the rise!

Stabbings in London are at their highest level in six years, with a 23 per cent rise from the previous year.

Not to mention that terrorists now know that the marauding knife attacker tactic is effective and very hard to prevent.

Despite this there are still many people who refuse to take any real self defence classes. There is an attitude that “it will never happen to me”. There is also an attitude that the situation is so extreme that there is nothing that can be done, “so I just won’t bother learning anything”. Most people who start training have had something happen to them and then decide to look for self defence classes. When knives or other weapons are involved you may not get another chance. The best thing to do is train to give you an edge in physical & mental conditioning. After all: “Failure to prepare is preparing to fail”

In krav Maga knife defences are really defined as edged weapons defences. This could be a knives, scissors, stanley blades and glass bottles. Any instrument that can cut or lacerate.

Knives are terrifying even with training. They require no training to use, never run out of ammunition and the mentality of a criminal to stab someone in cold blood is something different. Knife attacks are frenzied and usually repeated stabbing motions like a sewing machine.

In this article I will give some principles we use to enhance your chances of survival. However this is just theory and can never substitute realistic pressurised training.

Everything with Krav Maga is about damage limitation! There is no certainty you will come out the other end unharmed. The idea is to prevent catastrophic damage to get home alive.

The video below is graphic. It is important to understand real attacks